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Our Food Should Be Our Medicine
Lifestyle Nutrition


  • Personalized macro plan that fits your goals

  • A coach who truly wants you to reach YOUR goals

  • Weekly check-ins with ME!

  • Easy to use fitness/food tracking app

  • Pre Register for 8 week Challenges

  • Program accountability to fit your needs

Meet Elayna

Registered & Licensed Dietitian

Cancer Exercise Specialist 

Certified Dietitian Nutrition Coach

Working with clients I recognize the importance to provide empowering strategies for healthy living to establish a balanced and satisfying relationship with food.


I am here to help clients sort out the misguided misinformation & find their definition of healthy living. 


There is art and life we experience when enjoying our food. Connecting my passion of counseling and my servicing heart I am dedicated to helping others find their way to Food Freedom using my guidance of the 5 Anchors of Health. 

Stop wasting time with start - stop programs! With my guidance  you can find a way to create the healthy life you desire and gain confidence to adjust as life changes. 


What I Specialize In

Resetting Your Digestion System & Finding Nutrition Balance

Establish Good Eating Habits with Emphasis of Functional Foods

Adopt a Healthy Lifestyle that Compliments Your Schedule

Set Health Goals to Create the Life You Want to Live

Personalized Nutrition & Fitness Guidance to Help Reach Your Goals

 FREE Metabolism Ebook Download! 

The Journey Towards Health Begins on the Path of Self Love. Begin Your Journey Today.

I had a wake up call and want a lifestyle, not a diet. I used programs in the past but I never knew how to eat once I stopped following the program. 

- Client undergoing cancer treatment

My clothes were fitting so much better after one month! Down 9 pounds in 2 months. 

- Client recovering from GI diagnosis

I had no idea where to start but my logs have helped me pay attention to my nutrition choices and stay more mentally positive. 

- Client focused on improving body composition

The Healthy Feed

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