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Meet Elayna

Nutrition Expert & Fitness Professional 

Food is my Love Language! My phone is full of food pictures & saved links with recipe ideas. I am concerned about ingredients listing on labels & keeping up with standards in food production. Leading by example all while connecting the practical aspects of a busy lifestyle. 


Why you ask? I am mom to 3 amazing young men and it was important to me to provide them with a nourishing and nutritional foundation to healthy living. Cooking, Exercise, and Nutrition must be a focus to support a healthy family. 

Using my skills & knowledge obtained earning my graduate degree, working in cancer centers, & supporting programs for surgery patients I am here to help you have Faith to Take the First Step & seek out a healthy lifestyle. 

Are you ready to put in effort to create life-long change? No quick fixes or magic potions here. Health begins on the inside if you wish for it to show on the outside. My coaching is to help you align the 5 Anchors of Healthy Living: Nutrition, Fitness, Hydration, Sleep, & Stress. 

Finding discipline and consistency for good health takes dedication and willpower. What are you waiting for?

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